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27 Jul

Ten Reasons to live in Calgary


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Is Calgary a great place to live? You bet it is!

Here are ten reasons why living in Calgary is still a great idea.

  1. Be Part of the Energy” With more than two thousand available tech jobs, a plethora of events and festivals, a tantalizing food scene, and the most corporate head offices per capita in Canada, Calgary is an energetic place to live, work, and play.
  2. Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth Since 1912, Calgary has been home to “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”: the Calgary Stampede! Every year, more than one million people charge to the world-famous event, which boasts more than three thousand year-round volunteers.
  3. Calgarians help each other out When our city was under water due to the 2013 flood, thousands of Calgarians emerged as everyday heroes, helping out neighbours – many whom they had never met.
  4. Mountains The majestic Rocky Mountains are visible from within our great city and are a short drive away, making winter and summer mountain activities alike easily accessible.
  5. Transportation Calgary has the shortest commute time and the lowest traffic congestion of any Canadian city. Further, most residences and workplaces are less than half a kilometer from public transit service.
  6. Chinooks According to Breakfast Television meteorologist Andrew Schultz, Calgary’s Chinooks, which occur largely due to our city’s topography, can result in temperature increases of up to 20°C!
  7. Low Sales Tax Calgary is in a province that does not have a provincial or harmonized sales tax – only the goods and services tax that applies to every provincial jurisdiction.
  8. Business Tax As of July 1, 2019, Alberta has the lowest corporate income tax in the country, at 11 per cent. By 2023, the corporate tax rate will be eight per cent.
  9. Employment Things are looking up in the Calgary job market. Between May and June, Calgary gained 7,500 jobs.

If Calgary is your home, you are lucky to live in such an energetic city full of opportunity. If you do not live here, what are you waiting for? Either way, if you need a mortgage, we can help with that! Contact us.