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10 Jun

The Summer Stage and Sell


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Summer can be a bit sluggish for home sales. Everyone can mostly be found at their cabins or cottages and selling or buying is the last thing on everyone’s mind. However, if you are keen to keep your house on the market this summer, there are some key things you can do to really stage your space (and curb appeal) to make your home shine.

We like to call this, the “Summer Stage and Sell” and it all comes together in five easy steps.

Step one: assess your clutter, is it time for another Spring clean, or a big clean if you didn’t already do one this Spring? Potential home-buyers want to envision your home as theirs, so clutter is not on your side. Consider doing a Summer clean-up, have a garage sale and get rid of items you’re not using.

Step two: assess your landscaping. Is your front and backyard overgrown with weeds and grass? Summertime in Calgary is prime time to show off your curb appeal, so get mowing and maybe even consider hiring a landscaper or even spend the day with the kids gardening to make your home shine.

Step three: look into the structure of your home. Spring melting of snow and Summer rain will tell the tale of any needed repairs in roofs, walls, foundation and more. Now is the time to fix things up before your buyers hire an inspector to seal the deal.

Step four: stage your yard and make it look clean and comfortable. Invest in some affordable patio furniture from IKEA or Walmart to make your yard cozy.

Step five: talk to your realtor about adding an extra little touch during showings by supplying some fresh iced tea or lemonade for hot days and some Summer-inspired refreshments for cold days.

And finally, when all is said and done and you’re ready to move on, connect with us so we can find the right mortgage for you!

Happy selling!